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How to Choose a Tampa Personal Injury Law Firm

You can't help but notice the myriad of advertising being done by today's Tampa personal injury attorneys. Whether you’re driving on I-275 in Tampa and see the billboards or you’re sitting at home watching your favorite television program, there sure are a lot of personal injury attorneys advertising for your business.  How is a consumer supposed to differentiate between all the different law firms, all claiming that they will fight for justice for you, be available when you need them, be aggressive and in general do a great job for you?

Too often people injured in Tampa car accidents or from the negligence of their doctors choose personal injury attorneys just like they buy bananas at the Supermarket.  They believe that they are pretty much the same so that it doesn't matter which one they pick. But nothing could be further from the truth. The quality of your personal injury law firm can vary substantially and hiring the right Tampa accident attorney can have a very important impact on the outcome of your accident claim and ultimately your satisfaction.   Your choice of a Tampa auto accident lawyer can even have impact your health.

How can your health be put in jeopardy by choosing the wrong car accident lawyer Tampa or medical malpractice attorney?  Because it is very important that you choose a personal injury attorney and law firm that has significant experience in personal injury law.  In particular, you will want an injury law firm Tampa that has significant experience and knowledge regarding the types of injuries that often result from car accidents.  The injury attorney with knowledge and experience can guide you through the maze of choices that you’ll face in your medical care.  This is particularly true when you suffer from serious catastrophic type injuries.

Often times, it is important that the client be able to speak to an experienced Tampa accident attorney about their medical condition.   The client’s expectations regarding their final outcome and tolerance for risk are both things that need to be considered so that the client can make the best choice for themselves regarding their medical care.  Tampa attorneys with significant experience and tremendous integrity will have the ability to provide their clients the best advice with regard to these issues.   It is also important that the accident attorney Tampa be involved in this decision process, because it may fall upon the attorneys’ firm to make sure that the doctors willing to treat the patient have their medical bills ultimately paid for through settlement moneys or a jury verdict.

This level of service and providing you with advice and direction with regard to your medical care requires that your Tampa car accident law firm practices law with the utmost integrity and interest in helping you.  It also requires that the auto accident injury attorney communicate openly and effectively with you.  Because personal injury attorneys are paid on contingency basis, they have less of an incentive to return your phone calls and provide exceptional service since they are not being paid on an hourly basis. It is unfortunate that many law firms focus on getting clients in their doors and much less on making sure that the clients that have retained them are being provided with the level of care and service that they deserve. Although it is important to have contingency fees so that people without money can pursue claims when they have been injured in Tampa auto accidents or by a doctor who has failed to meet the standard of care and committed medical malpractice, it is important to recognize that the Tampa injury attorney doesn't get paid directly for returning your call. The only incentive for the car accident lawyer Tampa to do their best for you is the hope that you might refer other clients to the law firm.  But more important than that is ultimately having integrity which will guide the attorney regardless of the circumstance to do the right thing by you.

When choosing a Tampa personal injury law firm, you might make integrity one of your most important criteria in guiding you to make the best choice.  Certainly there are other factors to consider and they'll be discussed more below, but without integrity all the other factors are of little value. There's an old saying:  if you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters. This applies very well to Tampa personal injury law firms.  Your Tampa auto accident law firm will need to make a myriad of decisions on your behalf behind the scenes.  These decisions can have a significant impact on your health and the case outcome.  Because these activities go on behind the scenes and won’t generally be apparent to the client, it is important that you can trust your car accident lawyer Tampa.

And how do you determine something as subtle as whether your Tampa auto accident injury law firm or medical malpractice attorneys have integrity? The best way is through reputation and references. But certainly it is possible that a Tampa injury law firm can have gained a great reputation which is unfortunately undeserved.   And a Tampa injury attorney’s reputation may be built over many years and it can take an equally long time for the reputation to tarnish.   As a result, while a firm’s reputation is an excellent starting point for your search for Tampa car accident attorneys, it shouldn’t be your only consideration.  

Another great way to find an exceptional auto accident attorney Tampa or medical malpractice firm is through referral and recommendation from somebody who has actually used the services of the personal injury law firm.  That person can give you great insight into whether the Tampa auto accident attorneys or medical malpractice lawyers at the firm are both capable and caring. You can also ask specific questions of the person making the recommendation including inquiring as to the firm’s reputation for practicing law with integrity. And maybe even ask them to provide you examples where the firm has demonstrated such commitment.

The referral source may also have lots of other useful information as well.  In addition to finding out the information that has already been discussed in this article, you might also find out additional information that will help you decide if this particular car accident law firm Tampa or medical malpractice attorney is right for you.  So for example, make sure you ask about your access to the attorney at the law firm as well as the support staff, including paralegals. This will be important for you to know because when you’re focused on adjusting to life with your injuries and getting treatment for them, difficulty getting into contact with your Tampa car accident law firm is the last additional headache that you want to have to deal with. Ask the car accident attorney Tampa whether or not there is in place a method or rule for getting back in touch with you should you call and have to leave a voice message.

You might also ask either the referral source or the law firm itself about their use of technology. It's not so important that the law firm use all the latest gadgets and software.  What is more important is that the law firm has a system in place that allows them to make sure that each case is handled appropriately and effectively. In addition, it is very important that the Tampa injury law firm handling your auto accident claim be highly organized.  Organization is extremely important.  Lapses in organization can seriously hinder your Tampa car accident attorneys’ ability to move your case along in a timely fashion.

You might also ask the referral source or the Tampa injury law firm about the stability of the staff. Lawyers have a reputation for having difficult personalities. This can make it difficult for these Tampa injury lawyers to retain key personnel.  If that is true, you may find yourself having to deal with several different paralegals during the process of the firm processing your car accident personal injury claim. That can add up to a lot of additional and unnecessary anxiety for you as well as make it more difficult for there to be a fair outcome to your claim as a lot of information will be lost during the process of switching your case from one staff member to another.

Also it is important to find out if your Tampa personal injury law firm has significant experience in handling auto accident claims. That experience should not extend just to being a Tampa auto accident lawyer, but should also include significant trial experience.  Everybody seems to know that many cases settle without the need for trial.   But it is important, in order to achieve a satisfactory and fair result for your personal injury claim, that your law firm has a reputation for being willing to take cases to trial. So you should ask your attorney when the last time they had been in trial and how many cases they may try in a year.  This is very important information that you need to know from your Tampa auto accident lawyer.  And yet as a Tampa personal injury attorney I can tell you that no one ever asks me that question.

Once you have done your research and have reduced your list of potential personal injury attorneys to just two or three, you might then consider using a service like AVVO.com to compare the short list of Tampa car accident lawyers. This website may provide you some insight that you would not have been able to obtain otherwise.  Although the website can certainly be inaccurate, it will give you another useful basis for making your ultimate decision.

Finally, with your list down to an appropriate number, consider sitting in front of the Tampa personal injury attorney and really getting a feel for the type of law firm that the attorney works at.   You can ask to meet the staff to get an idea whether the firm is one that can serve your needs well.   You’ll want to find out if the law firm has sufficient resources and experience to meet your needs.  All that information will be available to you by asking useful and insightful questions during the interview process. It's a lot easier to choose the right auto accident law firm Tampa from the beginning of your case rather than realizing that you've made a mistake that either needs to be changed several months later or in some unfortunate situations can’t ever be corrected.

At the personal injury law offices of Dale Appell, P.A., we believe in making each decision with regard to our clients with integrity. To us, that means always putting our clients’ needs ahead of our own financial interests.  We also believe in communication being a key to effective representation. So for instance, we have in our office a rule that says if you don't reach one of our staff members or attorneys upon your first call that we are required to get back to you within two business days. That rule insures that no one complains that our car accident law firm Tampa is not returning their phone calls.  Failure to provide good communication is the single most significant reason that people are often not happy with the Tampa car accident law firm that they’ve hired.  We look forward to the opportunity to share with you what we believe makes our law firm capable of handling your case and we look forward to providing you exceptional service. Click here to contact us.

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